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About AHRS

The Almighty's House of Restorative Services is a charitable project focused on covering the poor, oppressed, and troubled of the Black community.

We are missioned after the Real Fast outlined by the Creator in Isaiah 58:6-11.

Give groceries to a family in need.

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Need food or meal assistance? Apply for aid.

The Issues of the African People

Food Insecurity

Persistent food insecurity disproportionately burdens the Black community, highlighting systemic inequities that demand urgent attention and comprehensive solutions.

Wealth Gap

The wealth gap between the Black Community and other races is a complex and longstanding socioeconomic disparity that encompasses historical injustices, systemic barriers, and contemporary challenges, contributing to disparities in wealth accumulation and financial well-being.

Mental & Spiritual Health

Mental and spiritual health issues in the Black Community reflect a multifaceted challenge, influenced by historical trauma, systemic inequalities, and cultural stigma, emphasizing the need for holistic and culturally sensitive approaches to support well-being.

Abstract Clouds


Water will quench a flaming fire; and alms makes an atonement for sins.  


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